Vapor and Moisture Retarder

Tailored Foam, Inc. provides dampproofing services throughout our entire coverage area. We apply water based asphalt dampproofing products which help control the migration of liquid and vapor moisture within the building envelope. Dampproofing is a tough flexible asphalt coating that is specifically designed to provide excellent protection of all surfaces from corrosion and weathering.

Why Tailored Foam?

Dampproofing contractors can be found in just about every city – so why choose Tailored Foam? Our knowledge base and installation training helps us provide the three critical ingredients needed for a successful installation. The first is a complete understanding of the project specification and product manufacturer’s requirements for application thickness. The second is our dedication to stand behind both the product and the installation. The third is our ability to consistently meet your project schedule requirements through proactive scheduling, large fleet of installers and multiple locations. With Tailored Foam you can rest assured we will understand the requirements, stand behind our work and will show up when expected.