Core-Fill 500™


Core-Fill 500™

Core-Fill 500™ is a superior masonry foam insulation designed specifically for use in commercial, industrial, military and institutional construction projects. It has excellent thermal resistive properties, exceptional sound abatement characteristics and superior fire safety performance.

Core-Fill 500™ is a pressure-injected foam that is propelled by compressed air and fills up all voids inside the masonry cavity. It is a cost effective product that provides the best solution for insulating CMU walls, steel tubes and hollow core panels. The fact that our foam employs pressure to completely fill all voids in the wall is a huge advantage over other products like vermiculite or EPS beads – products which typically settle over time or escape through small penetrations in the wall.

Thermal Properties

Core-Fill 500™ provides the highest R-Values available among integral insulation systems. It has an R – 4.9 per inch which is equal or superior to R-values associated with certain rigid board products. Foam does not settle like zonolite or perlite, and completely fills all the voids in the wall – unlike pre-manufactured insulation inserts. When it comes to cost, quality and long term performance there is no product on the market that can compare to Core-Fill 500™.

Sound Abatement

Core-Fill 500™ offers excellent thermal and acoustical properties and benefits. The structure of the foam allows it to absorb sound vibrations, which significantly decreases sound transference. It is as an excellent and cost effective alternative option to sand filled CMU walls found in band rooms, movie theaters, animal kennels and various other projects where minimizing sound through CMU walls is required.

Fire Safety

Core-Fill 500™ is a Class A building material per ASTM E-84 with an industry leading flame spread rating of zero (0) and smoke developed rating of five (5) – far exceeding almost all masonry insulation products installed in new commercial construction projects. In addition, Core-Fill 500™ is environmentally safe and contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s.


When wall sections are complete, sealed or closed, Core-Fill 500™ is pressure-injected into each vertical cavity through a small installation hole drilled in the mortar joints horizontally around the entire wall and every 8” on center and approximately 5′ from the floor and every 10′ vertically until the wall is filled – or as determined by the certified installer. This allows the mason contractor to work uninterrupted during the construction of each wall – thus shortening construction time and production costs.

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